3D Engineered Sound Barrier


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Noise pollution is one of the biggest health risks in city life. Urban life has an average background noise level of 60 decibels which is the level that raises a persons heart rate and blood pressure, It also causes stress, lack of concentration and loss of sleep. While most of us are able to tune out city noise like traffic and become accustomed to the hum of it in the background, our nervous system is still registering it as a constant disturbance and stress.

As city planners focus on how to improve city life and reduce traffic by introducing more pedestrian paths, bike lanes and green spaces, Eva x Carola looks towards to seeing new creative interior design elements of offices and residential units to provide a safe and quiet place for us to live and work.

With a focus on traditional sound room materials used by music and recording studios, their harmonious geometry inspired many of the three dimensional seamless and circular stitches. Double layered textiles with added volume achieved by tuck and jacquard stitch technology creates lush textiles to absorb and muffle the outside world, inspiring new methods to upholster our softly silent homes.

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