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Properties of felt
As soon as the sound in a room interferes with its function, we speak of poor acoustics. Felt has an excellent sound-absorbing, insulating and heat-regulating effect. In addition, wool felt is naturally fire resistant and dirt and moisture resistant. A felt wall finish or panel absorbs sound excellently and breaks through the reflection of sound waves. An ideal and simple solution for rooms with many hard and bare surfaces.

Sustainable 100% recycled PET felt & natural wool felt
At Féline they believe it is important to combine aesthetics, excellent acoustic properties and durability in their felt products. In the first place, design is still about functionality and form, but the well-being of humans, animals and nature plays an increasingly important role.

Both their natural wool felt (Fresco collection) and the recycled PET felt (Minimal art collection) are felted in a dry process. This means that no water is used during felting. As a result, the high energy consumption for drying felt is no longer necessary. In addition, the PET collection is made from recycled plastic bottles (Global Recycled Standard), and the wool for Féline’s natural wool felt collection is obtained in an animal-friendly way (certified mulesing free).

All the felt collections are available in different thicknesses and trendy colors.

User-friendly felt wall textile
Gluing felt directly to the wall remains a challenge. The felt can often not be processed smoothly and it takes a lot of work on the side finishing. This is a very labour-intensive job when processing on location. However, Féline has succeeded in developing a user-friendly and durable felt wall textile using their in-house production facilities. This collection has been specifically developed for the processing of felt on walls, ceilings or panels.

Water-based adhesive for felt and felt wall textiles
For these applications, Féline has also developed a special water-based and biodegradable adhesive, the “Eco Glue Forte”. This glue is suitable for processing their felt and felt wall textiles. It has a strong adhesive power to also properly process thicker and heavier felt.

Every project is different. Does your project have to meet specific requirements? Would you like a logo or design in the felt? Or are you looking for felt for a specific application? Féline is happy to think with you and give advice about the various applications and treatments that they offer. They are happy to welcome you – by appointment – in their showroom in Amsterdam or they can visit you.

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