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The sound insulation and absorption of rooms is in the center of attention. To improve the acoustics, mostly the reverberation time will be shortened. The RTS acoustic panels ensure optimum absorption and are easy to process. The total system of the RTS acoustic panel (full-colour) consists of a plate that is installed on a cavity filled with absorption filling. The absorption materials ensure that the disturbing reflection becomes countered, and the reverberation time is regulated, ideal against flutter echoes. 280 bottles are used for the production of 1 sheet.

The standard panel is available in 36 uni-colours and 38 colours from the colour card RFNO:1012.1. In addition, RTS-Preidel can provide a basic white panel with any digital image. The image can be projected to full size. The image can be projected to a maximum of 2400 x 1200 mm, otherwise on request. Contour cutting of the image is one of the extra options.

This coloured 3D felt is suitable for the interior decoration industry, but also for a wide range of technical applications.

  • With an increase in the sound frequency, the sound absorption coefficient of the felt is more than 0.8 in the range of 125-4000HZ. And can make the sound better.
  • The products are widely used in places with more noise as: theaters, opera houses, conference rooms, office hotels and other public spaces.
  • Both wall cladding and separately usable partition walls, easy to fold and unfold.
  • Available in different widths and can be placed in your own shape.

In addition to delivery of fully coloured felt, RTS-Preidel also has pet-G felt in the programme. In addition to 3D moulding as well as full colour impregnation of your image, separate sales of standard plates belong to the main activities.

The 3D full colour acoustic wall coverings provide a new contemporary dimension in the 21st century.

The RTS acoustic felt panel can be glued with sealant or tacked with brad nails against wall. Easy to saw and cut. To achieve a higher absorption value, the panel is normally mounted on a frame with a maximum line spacing of 600 mm. The RTS acoustic panel increases acoustic comfort, even in busy areas. The panel can be used in almost any environment such as offices, hospitals, educational institutions, public areas, auditoria, care centers, etc. Beside the excellent absorption qualities, the panels have good mechanical strength (impact resistant). No harmful fibres are released while processing the panels. Flame-retardant class B (EN 13501-1). The panels are resistant to rot, fungus and mites. Contains no chemical components, maximum sound absorption, UV resistant. Produced in the Netherlands.

In addition to the standard models, the thickness and size can be customised.

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