Alchimea lana


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This material is no longer available.

Alchimea lana is (non-woven material) thermal insulation made of 100% new sheep’s wool. The material can be used for heat and sound insulation in building construction. Ingredients are sheep wool, boron salt, natural rubber milk, iron oxide, lime and clay earth. Thin fleece layers, are piled on top of each other in various heights.

Due to the special structure of the wool fibres, the surface of the fibres always remains dry independent from moisture content. That is why heat conductance along the hair of wool is almost impossible.

By adding pure natural additives the material offers a high protection against fire, insects and fungal mould. It also binds amounts of different air pollutants and actually converts them into harmless compounds.

The inherent crumple of wool fibre is genetically fixed. This so called memory effect keeps the material airy, even after many thousands of moisture cycles.
Alchimea Lana is manufactured in rolls of fleece batt, in different web widths and thicknesses. Special widths are available.

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