Alesta Powder Coating Super Durable


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The Alesta Super Durable range of powder coatings is based on a super durable polyester resin system, higher grade pigments and stabilisers that give outstanding exterior durability. This range offers proven durability and an extended guarantee for prestigious buildings and other applications which have to last for many years.

Targeted applications include: door and window frames, cladding and other architectural parts, outdoor lighting, urban and garden furniture, as well as any application where the gloss retention and colour fastness of the coating are important.

The Alesta SD range is formulated according to the highest specifications (Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB Master approved).

ICONICA is a selection from the range of Alesta SuperDurable powder coatings and represents the new architectural understanding for nature and humanity – environmentally sustainable, super durability against weather conditions and intense UV radiation, whilst being both expressive and elegantly reserved.

Designed by trend experts, ICONICA was brought to life to inspire the design and architecture of tomorrow.

ICONICA is divided in 4 themes: Eden Garden, Energy Manifesto, Arty Fusion and Techno Precious.

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