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ALUCORE is a lightweight honeycomb panel, of which both core and cover sheets are made of aluminium.

ALUCORE panels for facades, roofs and wall claddings are supplied as per project, available with a high-grade Fluorocarbon (e.g. PVDF) lacquer finish. Minor quantities and special colours are on request. Standards lengths are between 2500 and 6250 mm, widths are 1250 and 1500 mm.

ALUCORE panels for industrial applications are supplied with high-grade polyester lacquering on both sides, making them highly suitable for additional coating, laminating or printing.

ALUCORE can be processed with a wide variation of techniques: e.g. cutting, bending, folding, pressing, jointing, drilling and gluing. Alucore can be recycled without separating because it only contains aluminium.

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