Aluminium facade panels


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Aldowa offers various types of aluminium-based facade panels, from pure aluminium to composites and PV panels.

Aluminium Composite
Aluminum composite sheets are also called ACP sheets and are made of 2 layers of aluminum with a FR kern or, if required, an A2 kern. This creates a plate with a high dimensional stability. ACP sandwich panels are sold under various brand names. Most of the times Aldowa uses Larson because of its high quality compared  to other brands..

Aluminium Honeycomb
Honeycomb panels are composite panels. In contrast to the more commonly used synthetic core, this is a honeycomb core of aluminium. On both sides, an aluminium plate is processed. The material is characterised by its enormous flatness, even in large dimensions. Because of its aluminium core, it is 100% recyclable.

Full Aluminium
The material Aldowa uses most: aluminium. It has ideal properties for processing into the most beautiful works of art, it is lightweight and also very durable.

PV Panels
Aldowa leads the way in the Netherlands in the supply and installation of building-integrated, full-colour solar panels in any colour and size. In this way, they create invisible extra surface area in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for climate-neutral buildings. And in order to provide you with a maximum of peace of mind, Aldowa will of course also take care of the associated installation technology.

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