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Alusion with epoxy


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Genesis PD uses Alusion aluminium foam together with epoxy, and it can also be used with ‘coloured epoxy’.

Alusion’s patented process for creating the aluminium foam starts with a metal matrix composite – an aluminium alloy to which ceramic particles have been added. Once melted, the aluminium alloy is poured into a foaming box. Gas bubbles exiting immersed rotating impellers (a component of the air injection system) form the foam. The foam collects on the surface of the molten material, where it can be continuously drawn off to form a sheet. The foam structure is predominantly closed cell. The cell size is controlled by the gas flow rate, impeller design and impeller rotational speed. The rate and means by which the gas is introduced can be varied to produce foams with varying densities.

One of the stunning examples of Alusion with epoxy can be seen at Repossi stores in Paris (France).

Aluminium foam s
heet products
The aluminium foam is produced in continuously cast sheet 4’ (1.22 m) wide which is cut to 8’ (2.44 m) lengths. Longer lengths can be produced if sufficient quantities are required.

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