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Bamboo XL

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Bamboo XL, solid series is made of compressed bamboo fibers harder than most hardwoods, but the same looks and 100% Tree Free. This product consist of solid pressed bamboo fibers. Available colours; Natural (oak color) and Coffee (mahogany color)
Characteristics of Bamboo XL are;
• Durable, sustainable and ecological
• Usage in residential and commercial heavy duty projects
• Average hardness of 14300N on Janka scale.
In comparison: Jatoba wood ; 10400N, French Oak; 6280N.
• Density: 1050kg/m3 / 1200kg/m3 outdoor
• Available as solid bamboo stairs, window frames, table tops, worktops and desktops, outdoor bamboo and flooring boards. Bespoke bamboo products on request.
• Can be finished with oil, wax or lacquer in many colors.

100% Tree Free:
It takes 4-5 years for bamboo to grow to maturity. Once harvested it continues to grow by forming new shoots. By selecting bamboo panels, you reduce the consumption demand for rainforest hardwood and therefore help to preserve the rainforests and its important environmental functions.

For more information, please contact Michel Vrijland via or +31 (0)36 549 19 08.

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