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BILDEX A2 aluminium composite panels are a multi-layer sheet material, the outer layers of which are made of aluminium. Its inner layer is a complex composition of polymers and mineral fillers.

Excellent fire resistance characteristics
The inner layer of A2 panels is produced by dry pressing. There are no combustible compounds in the panel, so that the material does not emit, but absorb heat. The heat of combustion of the inner layer of the BILDEX A2 ACP is -2 MJ / kg.

Quality and affordability

As part of BILDEX A2:

  • aluminium alloys with high strength and corrosion resistance.
  • coatings based on Lumiflon fluorinated resins, protecting panels from aggressive environmental effects.

The production cycle of the panels is in accordance with ISO 9001. BILDEX A2 has all necessary certificates for the use in the European Union. The panels are processed using both hand tools and specialised equipment.  They have relatively low weight and a high strength.

Limitless creation freedom
BILDEX coatings provide architects new design and colour opportunities.

  • Bright metallic colours, from matte to shiny.
  •  Colors with pearl and chameleon effect
  • Anodised coating
  • Realistic imitation of natural materials

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