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BILDEX ART aluminium composite panels

Russian Federation

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The BILDEX ART collection is represented by almost 100 imitations of wood, stone, patina and 3D graphics. The BILDEX ART collection consists of a great number of ready-made images. If you can’t choose any of our options we will design and manufacture it especially for you.

Protection of the printed images is provided by EWIGOL transparent varnish that is produced on the basis of LUMIFLON resin. The EWIGOL varnish was chosen due to its excellent resistance to UV and aggressive environments. It can protect BILDEX ART for more than 25 years. As result the warranty lifetime of the BILDEX ART coating is at least 15 years.

BILDEX ART is a vital tool any architect or designer refers to. Now it is possible to combine avant-garde forms of modern buildings with delicate textures of natural materials and 3D graphics.

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