Bioplastics from Organic Waste

Vers La Vie

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Rotterdam based architect and designer, Anna Vershinina, has developed an extensive series of bioplastics made from organic waste. Such waste has no option to be recycled other than in compost, and in most cases ends up in landfills. To avoid that, organic waste can be redirected into the non-stop creative flow to achieve new materials of various colours, textures, smells, translucency, and flexibility levels. Depending on the ingredients, their concentration and preparation methods, one can create bioplastics with specific characteristics and sizes. In the MaterialDistrict collection are bioplastics made from leftover coffee grounds, red onion skin, passion fruit skin, lime peel, peanut shells, and a combination of lemon zest and spoiled berries. These and many other types of bioplastics are shared on the Instagram page: @vers_la_vie.

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