Bog Oak


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- story by Wonderwall Studios


Bog oak is the household name for oak that has been buried in peat bog for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Peat – or turf – is a build-up of decaying organic matter. The trees, trunks and logs Wonderwall reclaims are from large oak trees that were felled many moons ago by man or nature.

During the centuries the wood sank ever deeper into the black mud, enriched and coloured by acids and minerals. The rich, dark shades of brown and intense blacks give bog oak its exclusive look. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to extract these buried trunks from the bottom of rivers and wetlands.

Wonderwall’s bog oak is sourced in the Ukraine. Here, they work with a family-owned and -run workshop of experienced craftsmen. They work with bog oak and walnut, creating some beautiful and unique pieces. The degree of love for the work on display here will make your heart explode.

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