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Finally! a screw stud on deck of your beautiful boat used to fix a cover being 100% corrosion free and that blends away in the deck colour.

A final farewell to those annoying eye-catching points that stand out of the smooth design lines, even if they are not corroded. Designers love to have the beautiful lines and shapes of their product not being disrupted by those inevitable points to hold cushions, blinds, carpets or covers down on deck. While it entails the exact same and quick installation as a normal screw stud. A unique formula of smart design and high quality materials make it possible to have a composite self-tapping screw stud for use in fiber glass, wood and other composites.

CAF COMPO is the only self-tapping composite screw-stud for use in fibre glass, wood and other composites. Now also available for use on aluminum or other metal surface. Matching any design, colour and snap. Comes in 4 standard colours or any RAL colour on request. And it fits any standard ring spring press fastener.

Same and quick installation as a normal screw stud. Just drill a pilot hole (5.5 mm = or 7/32”), countersink and tap this screw-stud straight in using the firm grip of a torx 30 bit in your electric drill. A metric thread-version solves the corrosion issue on any aluminum surface.

100% corrosion-free, no wearing out and UV resistant.

The stud is the lower part of a snap or ring-spring press fastener system. CAF-COMPO screw-stud will fit any regular (24-line) ring spring socket, no matter the supplier (meeting Mil Spec 10884, MS27980 Style 2). Even the plastic sockets fit. It comes in a few white variants, light grey and black, or any colour you like to be made custom. A version with a metric thread makes it possible to solve the corrosion issue on any aluminum surface, like window-frames, since it is not suitable for self-tapping in aluminum or steel.

CAF-COMPO is a registered trademark and patent pending.

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