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Together with its tinted EffektGrund special primer, and especially on slightly textures surface, the special effect coating CapaGold provides a high-class metal shine.

CapaGold reflects a pure colour in a natural-looking gold. Attractive full surface – as well individual results – can be obtained using various working techniques such as brushing, stippling, spreading or rolling in combination with very variable substrate textures, such as MultiStruktur in interiors or the award-winning, texture-enhancing coating systems for facades.

The required coating system – primer or intermediate coating with EffektGrund and a CapaGold finishing coat – results in beautiful surfaces which are highly durable and can be used over the full surface on ETICS.

CapaGold is often used in both interior and exterior areas to lend a shiny color to surfaces. It is also often used with modern wall coverings, such as FantasticFleece or ElementEffects, finely woven Jacquard glass fabrics and traditional glass fabric textures.

In short, the silk gloss gold effect of CapaGold lends a radiant appearance to any design – either as an accent or as the main surface itself.

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