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The metallically appealing special coating, Metallocryl Interior, causes a sensation as accent or on the main surface of interiors. Particularly in interiors, the texture and light refraction produce a very intensive metallic effect. Metallocryl Interior should be applied to slightly or medium textured substrates. The best results can be obtained on quartz coated FantasticFleece, ElementEffects and MultiStruktur. Ideal areas of application are private living or working areas as well as impressive reception, exhibition, event and sales rooms. Due to the robust material properties, Metallocryl Interior is also optimally suited to corridors or stairways with a high level of exposure to the public.

For outdoors, Metallocryl Exterior gives any facade its very own radiance with signal effect. Metallocryl Exterior is preferred as the central coating dominating the building. Here, textured substrates such as facade renders, concrete or washed concrete are best suited for the application of Metallocryl Exterior. Excellent material properties such as good weather resistance and rain protection as well as good diffusion properties, together with the unmistakable, slightly reduced metallic look in comparison to the interior variant, produce a versatile coating solution for exceptional facade surfaces.

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