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Cathedral Glass


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Inspired by innovative architectural demands, Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc. develops and manufactures unique cast glass designs. Cast Glass is produced by “casting”, in other words, by pouring molten glass into a mould or by heating glass already contained in the mould, until the glass melts and assumes the shape of the mould. It is through this process that Nathan Allan can achieve many unique textures and shapes not available in traditional glass processes.
Nathan Allan has developed a technology that allows us to reuse and recast glass. For the past 10 years, they have been able to reuse scratched or damaged products and no longer have to discard this glass. As cast glass does not absorb grease, dirt, or fingerprints, it remains clean and new in appearance and will not have to be replaced. The Cathedral Glass as displayed in the first three photos is part of the Venetian Glass Series, which are characterized by the serpentine textures. They show the versatility of cast glass. It can be installed vertically and horizontally. The fourth picture shows an example of the Crystal Series.

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