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The Façade as canvas for creativity
Meet Cembrit Colourful Façade Panels

It is important that colours in architectural design function together to create a common visual space that resonates with the varied emotions of the human psyche.

Inspired by colours from nature, Cembrit Colourful design line was composed. A range of expressive fibre-cement façade panels that make any building come to life. Each with a unique personality. Use the panels as a subtle aesthetic nuance or as a bold architectural statement.

Cembrit Cover – It is life lived in colour.
Cembrit Cover is all about appearance and creating long-lasting first impressions. Your creativity has no limits. The endless colour choice of Cembrit Cover gives you the freedom to invent and realise it.

Cembrit Solid – It will never let you down.
Cembrit Solid literally has you covered to the core. The colour of the core is the same colour as the surface. As a result, edges, joints or holes will be inconspicuous and Cembrit Solid provides a calm expression from every angle. A façade panel with an unchanging beauty.

Cembrit Transparent – It is rugged elegance.
The Cembrit Transparent combines the texture nuances of a through-coloured core with a matt, semi-transparent acrylic colour layer. This results in a nuanced depth in the colours, giving the slate an authentic look in which the fibres are subtly visible.

Playful façade panels with colourful surfaces provoke a sense of curiosity and stimulate imagination. The Cembrit Colorful design line is made for creating and varying.

Discover the versatile design and application possibilities of all Cembrit’s façade panels at You can also order samples of the different façade panels there.

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