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With the furniture collection of CLEI you are able to rethink how we use space. CLEI believes that in the current housing market we need to make more intelligent use of our space and we need to design and build differently. Innovative solutions as CLEI’s furniture provides a solution to build smaller houses, but at the same time you do not compromise on the quality of living.

The combination of the TANGO transformable sofa and the APP extractable table provide an ideal solution to create a multifunctional room. During the day you have a very comfortable sofa with the option of a reclining seat. For the night you open the bed, that is ready made with your sheets and duvet. And the room becomes your bedroom. With the APP extractable table you have a place to have dinner or work. The table can be hidden in the box integrated in the shelving system. The shelving system is very versatile and offers many configurations.

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