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The Coffee tiles from OVPolymers are made from the Coffee Polymers that are developed by OVPolymers and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens and have a reduced carbon footprint of 5kg/m2 compared to standard ceramic tiles.

The Coffee Tiles consist for 30% of coffee grounds and 67% recycled polymers. This combination gives the tiles a luxurious black marble effect and a hardness that mimics the feeling of a standard ceramic tile. The tiles can be fixed with standard tile glue and the seams can be filled with standard grout. To make the tile bathroom proof there is a top coat added on the tile that is fully recyclable with the complete tile.

At the end of life, the tiles can be taken off the wall without breaking. The removed tiles can directly be re-implemented in a new project and the broken tiles can be returned to OVPolymers to be fully recycled. The materials that are being used for the tiles are fully recyclable at the end of life. OVPolymers ensures that the materials will be recycled and implemented for new wall tiles or other products that are made from coffee polymers.

To match your interior the tiles can be delivered in every colour and pattern you can think of. The standard colour is the natural black marble tile. This black marble effect is created with the natural colouring power of the coffee grounds and isn’t using any added colouring. All the other colours and patterns are created by colouring the coating of the tiles.

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