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Colormat Classic, Scripto & Touch

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The Colormat façade panels are panels that are coloured en masse. The colour pigment is added during the production phase. After drying, the coloured panels are sanded to give them a unique and playful effect.

Hydrophobic protective coating
After pressing, the panels are autoclaved to create a sustainable panel. After this process, the panels are made hydrophobic, giving the panel a water-resistant, transparent and matte protective layer. The coating protects the panels against water and dirt, making them low-maintenance. The protective laying ensures a natural aging process.

Colormat Classic
The Colormat Classic façade panel has a lightly sanded surface, gaining a smooth surface with a fine line-structure.

Colormat Scripto
Colormat Scripto has a deeply sanded surface with a linear pattern. Depending on the direction of placement, the lines can be horizontal or vertical. The patterns can be combined, creating a façade with more depth and character.

Colormat Touch
The Colormat Toch does not have a line-structure like Classic and Scripto. Thanks to the unique production process, the panel has a soft look and feel. The panels are currently available in 3 neutral shades of grey. The panels have a wrinkled surface and a matte look.

Trimmed panels: 3,070 x 1,220 mm or 2,520 x 1,220 mm

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