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This swatch is developed to provide comfort on different levels: comfort in touch, comfort in cushioning and comfort in warmth.

  • Touch: the yarns used are extremely fine which results in a soft touch sensation
  • Cushioning: The knit technique used builds up the loft of the textiles and creates a dimensional padded texture that moves with the wearer’s body
  • Warmth: The thermal comfort functions are a result of the insulating structure as well as the thermal properties of the selected yarns.

The yarns that are used are:

  • Merino from Südwolle, which has insulating thermal properties meaning it is warm in the winter and cold during the summer
  • Bioceramic yarn from Tecnofilati, which also offers a high level of thermal insulation in addition to UV protection. Another benefit of this yarn is that thanks to the bioceramic qualities, body heat is absorbed and returned in the form of FIR rays. This stimulates the microcirculatory system, strengthening the metabolism.
  • Nylon which offers durability and moisture management
  • Dryarn which also supports the functions of moisture management and thermal comfort.

The design is a gradient colour flow inside a 3D pattern. The amount of colour and gradient visible will change when worn; when moving the textile creates a colour sensation on the body.

The knitting technology applied is the industrial seamless knitting machinery from Santoni Shanghai.

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