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A good quality entrance matting system provides a very effective way to reduce costs of cleaning, repair and maintenance. By stopping up to 94% of walked in dirt and moisture Forbo Coral can reduce cleaning costs by up to 65% and prolong the life of interior floor finishes and coverings. Also it prevents the floor becoming slippery and dangerous. Forbo offers a solution for every application and area.

With its contemporary linear design and rich, deep pile, Coral Welcome entrance floor packs the style and aesthetic appeal of a luxury carpet. It makes an unequivocal statement in any entrance area combing esthetic with environmental properties.

Econyl 100%-regenerated yarn: Coral Welcome is an environmentally advanced entrance floor with its use of Econyl 100%-regenerated yarn. Econyl is made using reprocessed industrial waste and post consumer waste.

Abandoned fishing nets: Abandoned fishing nets are one of the sources. Using Econyl is a way to reduce existing waste, avoid additional manufacturing related pollution, and keep the consumption of natural resources and energy to a minimum

Primary backing made from recycled PET bottles:  Furthermore, the primary backing of Coral Welcome is made from recycled PET bottles, and the covering is made in a plant that is close to achieving the Zero Landfill standard for waste production.

Coral by Forbo consists of various collections, all information can be found on our website.

Coral entrance flooring is for interior and exterior use.



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