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- story by MaterialDistrict

Hardly anyone would question the fact that concrete, screed and stone are useful building materials. But not everyone would imagine that they could also be pleasing to the eye. In the meantime though, the most highly regarded architects in the world are raising the profile of these materials and describing concrete for example as the marble of modern times. And it is not just furniture made from this building material that is in demand, but even lamps and kitchen utensils.

A combination with stone and screed make the concrete look no less attractive – quite the contrary. This is shown by “Cottage” from gres|steuler, the porcelain stoneware brand of Steuler-Fliesen. “This mix promises a very exciting look,” says Tomas Deinböck. The Product Executive also explains why: “The surface is really rough, but the effect over a large area is very chic.”

The basic tile demonstrates plenty of style when interplayed with the nine decorative tiles. With their delicate embellishments in a vintage style these don’t just introduce a counterpoint, they also provide a real eyecatcher – over a large surface or interspersed singly, on the floor or on a wall.
And as far as their possible uses are concerned the possibilities are extensive. “Cottage” will not just transform an ordinary living room into an extraordinary space, it can also lend restaurants or shops that certain something. Thanks to their R-10/B surface, these tiles are also suitable for public buildings – creating a feast for the eyes there just as much as in private residential settings.

Sizes: 60×60 cm for the plain tiles and 20×20 cm for the decorative tiles.

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