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- story by Agrob Buchtal


The heritage hype long prevailing in fashion, lifestyle and technology has not failed to have its impact on tiles: in the form of the Craft series, Agrob Buchtal has remade a classic.

An innovation which is reliant on the familiar yet has a surprisingly modern effect: the Craft wall tile series equally suitable for interior and exterior applications owes its artisanal character to the depth and transparency of its high-gloss glaze. Compositions of alkaline earth, fluxes and metal oxides combined with the clay forms in open flame firing give rise to particularly luminous and intensive colourations as well as typical surface structures.

Seven trendy colours ranging from white through grey hues, olive and golden yellow to amber and blue-green create a freedom of design and extraordinary aesthetics. The ribbon formats with a 3-D effect are particularly attractive. Coved skirting, wave profiles and large doubletipped tiles are applied in facade design in particular, where they contribute to a renaissance of classic architectural ceramics as can be seen in many European countries.

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