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These mineral wall decoration products create walls with texture and character. Crustal looks and also feels authentic, bringing the harmony of nature into your interior.

Crustal is the perfect solution for combining a sleek modern style with organic elements. It has an attractive texture that creates an authentic look in combination with the excellent characteristics of a mineral finish. These coatings add character to rural as well as modern buildings and also contribute to a natural living environment, also in low-energy and passive houses.

A professional craftsman can maximise the versatility of Crustal, for example, by applying it as a smooth plaster in a wide variety of colours. Or they may choose to make the texture even rougher so the wall is highlighted even more, creating a unique look and feel. The coating can also be made to resemble wood or brick, it all depends on the effect you want to create in your interior.

Crustal is a durable, environmental-friendly, chalk-based product that is in keeping with the new trend of textured mineral walls. So nature is returning to modern buildings through these sophisticated and aesthetic coatings. Application by a craftsman guarantees endless possibilities for a contemporary finish.

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