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Vinyl allows the possibility of customizing your floor. With vinyl on rolls, you can draw your own design and then cut it out like puzzle with amazing results. With luxury vinyl tiles, you are able to choose your own colours, the size of the plank or tile, your embossing and your bevelling. This enables you to recommend to each customer a perfectly adapted flooring design. The diverse range of designs, colours and patterns available ensures unlimited design possibilities, while excellent acoustics and underfoot cushioning provide comfort and wellbeing.

Design a floor with flair
The FLOORCRAFT Design Service by Tarkett allows you to maximize your creative potential. Discover this wide palette of durable vinyl and design a floor that fits into your desired interior design.

Modular solutions
The iD Inspiration collection by Tarkett allows you to explore unlimited design possibilities within a luxurious modular series. The iD Inspiration collection brings customization to a new level. Through a choice of different sizes, designs, surface textures and bevelling options, this collection offers more than 75,000 possible combinations to play with in order to alter the perception of space, light and design effects within your interior.

Create a unique design
With iD Inspiration you can decide how far you want to go in terms of flexibility and adaptation of your flooring design in order to bring it in line with the specific needs of your project. It is even possible to specify your own colours for a unique design.

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