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DecoMetal by Formica Group are high pressure laminates created using real metal foils over a laminate core to create stunning metallic laminates. They are manufactured through fusing a real metal foil over multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature. Textures and patterns are applied to some DecoMetal laminates to create effects.

DecoMetal laminates are recommended for interior vertical applications. The range is particularly suited to the retail, leisure, entertainment, corporate and domestic environments.

In May 2015, Formica Group introduced a new range of new DecoMetals. This new range introduces additional decors to the existing Plex and Brushed textures, and with two new additional textures: Hammered and Woven.

The Hammered texture is inspired by the traditional metal working technique of hammering metal in order to shape, thin, or stretch it. This texture is a modern evolution of this sculptural and crafted look.

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