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Coloured in core MDF is the ideal choice for those who want to bring their interior design projects to a higher level quickly and easily. Wood fibreboards can be processed right to the core and applied without any edge finishing. Due to great success, UNILIN Panels will launch four new Fibralux variants in April.

“Our MDF range consists of a series of highly decorative wood fibre boards”, says product manager Bart Catteeuw. “You can use the boards unfinished, treat them with a transparent protective layer (oil, wax, varnish …) or finish them with surface material such as melamine, HPL or wood veneer. The MDF boards can be used in a wide range of applications such as furniture, wall coverings, stand construction and product presentation in shops and showrooms.”

Unmatchable quality
“With our grey and black coloured Fibralux boards, we went one step further in terms of ease of use. Thanks to a transparent lacquer coating on both sides, you no longer have to finish the surface of the MDF yourself, so it is immediately ready for use. The quality and aesthetics of the high-tech lacquer finish are unmatchable by hand.”

Since the end of 2019, Fibralux MR Black Super Matt has been on the shelves: black MDF with a super matt, strong and scratch-resistant lacquer coating with soft touch effect, which is resistant to fingerprints. “The fine wood fibres also remain visible, highlighting the natural origin of the product.”

Due to great success, UNILIN Panels is launching four more new Fibralux variants in April 2021:

  • Fibralux MR Black High Gloss: black MDF with high gloss finish for a surprising mirror effect.
  • Fibralux MR Black Satin: Black MDF with a subtle “silk” finish.
  • Fibralux MR Grey Super Matt: grey MDF with a super matt finish in two tones – light grey (Meteor Grey) and dark grey (Mercury Grey).

“With these new products, we are responding to the increasing demand for ready-to-use, coloured MDF. We had expected this, because the fully finished panels save you a lot of time and money. And thanks to the new finishing options, they just look incredibly beautiful.”

Due to their high scratch resistance, the MDF boards with Super Matt & Satin finish can also be used for horizontal applications – with the exception of worktops. The Fibralux MR base plate also stands out for its high density and moisture resistant qualities.

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