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Decospan Nørdus


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- story by Baars & Bloemhoff


With over 2500 different decors and more than 25 distinctive brands, Baars & Bloemhoff is the leading Dutch specialist in decorative materials. During Material Xperience 2016, they presented a number of new material innovations and current interior trends, including the Dutch premiere of the Decospan Nørdus collection.

This brand new collection full off birch, pine, spruce and larch veneers fits the current minimalistic Scandinavian interior trend.

The Nørdus collection features eight designs that fit perfectly with a contemporary interior and encourage creativity. Therefore, there are in each timber suggested some possible finishes with lacquer or oil. The veneer thickness may be chosen depending on the type of wood and ranges between 0.6 mm or 1.5 mm. A thicker top layer offers the possibility to give the surface a deeper structure by brushing. Due to the unique technology, these veneer sheets have a solid character, without optical interruption.

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