Decovilt wool felt


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Decovilt wool felt is a high quality felt made of 100% wool.

Decovilt is air-permeable, sound-absorbing, insulating and fire-proof. Viltex Decovilt felts are made of 100% wool and are therefore biodegradable and environmentally safe from production to disposal. Different Melange and Uni colors are available.

Research shows that wool as a protein fibre can bond the air pollutant formaldehyde chemically and can be resolved into its parts, which are not dangerous for human beings (e.g. water). In other words, application of Decovilt in interiors improves air-quality and comfort.

The wool consist of soft and thin hairs of the coat of, mostly Australian, sheep. Before the raw wool can be used, it must be mixed and blended properly. After that, the wool mass must be carded into webs that form batts. After carding the wool fibres, the process continues with a combination of friction and wet compression, which forces the scales on the hairs to lock together and causes the wool to ’felt’. The pressure and number of layers of batts determines the weight and thickness of the felt. If felts are to be dyed, the wet pieces are taken to a dye vat. Some grades are not dyed but go directly to drying. Once dry, the felt is pressed once more to ensure consistent thickness.

Decovilt is available in any thickness, if technically producible. However, there are a number of standard thicknesses for different applications: 2mm, 3mm and 5mm.

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