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DendroLight layered panels


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DendroLight core material is an engineered solid wood material with a reduced weight (260−300 kg/m3), low swelling characteristics (0.5%), and low glue content (3−4%). The engineered wood product can be machined with conventional tools, and can be decked or edged with any surface material. Core material is made by gluing and pressing thin layers of spruce, pine or aspen, which have been profiled by a proprietary process. The profiling process reduces the weight of the wood by 40% to as low as 250 kg/m3 and minimizes internal tensions of the wood. Core material is available in panels of multiple dimensions and can be used in many applications including 3D curved panels. DendroLight furniture panel is a solid wood panel using core material panel sandwiched between two deck layers of plywood or MDF. The characteristics of the core material bring a reduced weight, low swelling and low glue content to the furniture panel. Additionally, the structure avoids parallel fibre swelling on the outer layers and ensures stability of the surface. The Furniture Panels can be processed with conventional woodworking tools.

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