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Faced panels are the perfect material for creating bespoke interiors or customized furniture. As the use of colour is a big trend in interior design, DecoLegno launches the collection Ovatta by the Italian brand Cleaf. Ovatta has a smooth surface with a soft touch, and is available in twenty three solid colours.

The colours are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends, but also by the large variation in natural landscapes. Be amazed by the beautiful shades of red you can experience in the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. They are translated into burgundy, red, pink and peach colours in the Ovatta range. Exploring the Glacier National Park in Montana we discover peaceful shades of green and blue. And walking through Joshua Tree National Park the colours of the hills, rocks and withered vegetation inspire for chocolate brown and warm yellow tones. Check out the Ovatta colours and order your free sample at

In the DecoLegno Designers Lab you can create your own faced panels. The ingredients you can use in this laboratory are the decorative papers of all twenty three colours and all available Cleaf textures. With this unique collection of faced panels designed by you, you can create interior concepts that comply with the requirements of your client. Read all about Designers Lab at

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