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This glass-fibre micro concrete is made entirely of raw, mineral material, and can therefore be completely recycled.

The manufacturer uses the material for these panels, DinamiC·CCC. These façade panels maintain all usual characteristics of concrete, however extremely dense or light weight. Within the material are special alkali-resistant glass fibres. Also contained in the material are woven glass fibres, chopped glass fibre strands, and threads of glass fibres. These all give the material strength and thus enable very thin (13-30 mm) sheets.

Using a concealed anchor mounting system with brackets makes it possible to play with horizontal and vertical seams to create a mono block look or a more brick-like face. The closed surface makes it almost impossible for dirt to stick on and allows large cleaning intervals.

The DinamiC·CCC material is strong and rigid and has high bending strength. Other advantages include high pressure strength and its ductility. Characteristics which it shares with normal concrete materials are being fire proof, frost resistant and mineral-based. This material is more recyclable than most concretes.

It is produced monolithically, and is available in large dimensions (max 1250mmx3600mm) and can be colour dyed, with pigmentation on demand. The material is suitable for interior and exterior use. Examples include façade and wall cladding, flooring, terraces and all kinds of special applications where the product characteristics are necessary or appreciated, like kitchen worktops. Its expected life time is over 50 years.

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