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Ditto is an innovation from 3form that the manufacturers hope will inspire a design revolution. The modular 3D product allows designers to create a wide range of 3D forms for unique installation and applications.

Advantages are complete design flexibility and a sustainably responsible product. Combination of the Ditto with various 3form hardware systems and components makes it easy to create partitions, wall features or wall to ceiling applications. The material uses cross-shaped pieces which are designed to work together, a little like a toy construction system. In this case, high design customisation with the flexibility of the manufacturer’s Varia Ecoresin is the key feature. This means the material has a low impact, using up to 40% pre-consumer recycled content.

Ditto has been designed with a distinct collection of colours and finishes but customisation is possible, leading to many thousands of colours, designs and finishes. The product has a light weight, at around 6 kg/m2, sustainable and antistatic.

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