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- story by MaterialDistrict

Bokkenmákers and New Horizon are launching a circular brick made from rubble from the Utrecht Dom Tower. The bricks are manufactured and used in sustainable construction projects in Utrecht, such as the Merwedekanaalzone and Cartesiusdriehoek. This way, the residual material from a historical monument is used for future, sustainable buildings.

The Utrecht Dom Tower will be restored between 2020 and 2024. All material that comes from the tower is reused as much as possible. Bokkenmákers and New Horizon, in collaboration with brick manufacturer Wienerberger, took the initiative to manufacture a special circular brick from rubble and grit from the Dom Tower. The Domsteen contributes to the prevention of demolition waste and the waste of useful building materials. Part of the proceeds will also benefit a light artwork on the tower.

New Horizon has processed the rubble of the Dom Tower and makes it suitable for use in the Domsteen. Dutch river clay is used as the basic raw material for the stone: a sustainable material that is infinitely and locally available. The residual material from the Dom is added to the brick as a raw material. This composition guarantees a long life, with all the functional and aesthetic properties of a brick. The Domsteen is available in different colours and consideration has also been given to the end of the Domsteen after its lifespan: the circular bricks can be selectively demolished, processed and reused as a material. That completes the circular circle again.

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