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DRT Vloeren is a specialist in the field of poured (seamless) floors. The company is continuously developing new materials and applications of their materials. DRT manufactures design floors for public buildings and private homes as well as for the industry. The experience in the industry ensures the durability for the other applications.

Particular properties of the floor, like anti slip, walk comfort, colour and esthetical appearance, are all specified on the customers’ demand. The floors can be installed without any seams and can be used over floor heating. They have a high chemical and fire resistance and are applicable on a diversity of surfaces and in heavily used spaces.

The photos at the left show us the diversity of the Special Items collection of DRT Vloeren:

– Print Parts (top photo) is a resin based floor with a specified pixel print with a transparency factor. Underneath the print an aluminum based resin is placed. The floor is available in a diversity of pixel combinations as well as other objects.

– Heavy Metal (second photo) is a semi-translucent resin-based floor with metal pigments .Through the floating effect of the pigments, the floor has a flaming character. Heavy Metal is available in various colours.

– Galaxy Black is a mixture of minerals and poured resin. Because of the height differences within the minerals a 3 dimensional effect is created. Besides that, the minerals produce a light sparkling effect.

– Kosmic Delight (fourth photo) is a semitransparent resin-based floor with a subtle sparkling effect. From a distance no sparkles are to be seen, however, when standing on the floor, the sparkling is everywhere! Kosmic Delight is available in every colour.

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