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Rubio Monocoat has always been an innovative player on the market. With their latest product DuroGrit, they also prove that they offer groundbreaking top products for wood protection. An outdoor wood oil that provides both a natural look and extreme UV resistance: that is the new showpiece.

DuroGrit from Rubio Monocoat promises to be the sustainable UV protection of tomorrow for your outdoor environment. The product is a sustainable, wood fibre-enriched oil that colours and protects all your exterior wood in 1 single layer. The new product is possible thanks to a new type of technology. In addition to the molecular bond for which Rubio Monocoat is known, the company is now also introducing FibreGrit Technology. Thanks to this technology, the product not only has incredible and long-lasting UV protection compared to other outdoor wood finishing products, but is also extremely durable and resistant.

One of the things that makes the wood oil so unique is that the product contains wood fibres. This gives you a handy structure that provides the perfect combination between a saturating and a breathable monocoat system. In addition, these fibers are water-repellent, very strong and hard. This means that they make your protective layer harder, which increases wear resistance and makes the product suitable for terraces, garden furniture, etc.

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