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EASYfoam FireSeal


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EASYfoam FireSeal is a flexible open celled polyurethane acoustic foam. The high density (90 kg/m3) ensures that this product is not only sound absorbing, but also sound insulating. EASYfoam FireSeal offers high levels of absorption at the mid and high frequency end.

This product achieves a B-s1, d0 on the European standard EN 13501-1 reaction to fire. Thanks to the excellent fire characteristics, EASYfoam FireSeal can be used in areas where high requirements are set with regard to fire safety. In contrast with most of the polyester foam and polyether foam, this product can be used in public areas.

EASYfoam FireSeal is a chemically inert product. It will not dust or migrate when subjected to air movement. This product als has anti-bacterial & fungal properties. In contrast with most of the polyester foams and polyether foams, this product can be used in public areas.

EASYfoam FireSeal is provided with a self-adhesive layer, which makes this product easy to apply. For proper bonding of the self-adhesive layer, the surface should be clean, dry and dust free.

Typical applications for EASYfoam FireSeal are:
– Internal lining of ventilation ductwork and ventilation equipment
– Sound absorption in marine engine rooms
– Generator and compressor enclosures
– Acoustic enclosures
– Sound absorbing panels

EASYfoam FireSeal is very suitable as a base product for a wide range of acoustic solutions. The product can be laminated or punched with a fabric of your choice. This makes it possible to create aesthetic wall elements. EASYfoam FireSeal is available as a separate product or as semi-finished product.

This product is available in the following dimension: 1200 x 1000 mm or 1000 x 600 mm. Thicknesses available are 15, 25 ,40 or 50 mm. Other sizes or thicknesses are available on request.

Acoustic performance EASYfoam FireSeal:
– 15 mm: αw 0,35; NRC 0,35
– 25 mm: αw 0,45; NRC 0,50
– 40 mm: αw 0,60; NRC 0,60
– 50 mm: αw 0,75; NRC 0,70

Acoustic performance EASYfoam FireSeal with woven glass fabric top layer:
– 25 mm: αw 0,50; NRC 0,60

Acoustic performance EASYfoam FireSeal with PU top layer:
– 25 mm: αw 0,65; NRC 0,65

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