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EASYphoto acoustic photo print


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EASYphoto acoustic photo prints allow you to use your own photos or graphics to create an individual decorative theme and at the same time provide an acoustically controlled environment. The photo prints are of very high quality and offer almost limitless possibilities. Every picture can be used for the EASYphoto photo print, as long as the resolution is high enough.

The photos or graphics are printed on a stretchable, acoustic open canvas. In combination with Easy Noise Control’s sound absorbing EASYpol polyester wool, the prints can be used for the following products:
– Acoustic photo panels
– Acoustic photo baffles
– Acoustic photo (office) screens
– Acoustic photo walls
– Acoustic photo island ceilings

The photo prints are custom made. The maximum width of a photo print is 300 cm, the maximum length is 30 m.

Other features:
– High-quality colours
– It is possible to wash the print in the washing machine at 30 degrees
– The print can be provided with a silicon strip or an EASYphoto panel frame

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