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EASYpol HD – a new range of acoustic solutions

EASY Noise Control proudly presents the new EASYpol HD collection. This collection consists of excellent sound-absorbing and self-supporting panels, based on very high density polyester fibres with endless applications.

The basis
EASYpol HD is a thermally bonded product that is produced without the addition of additional binders. Approximately 30% of the polyester fibres are extracted from recycled PET bottles. Due to the relatively low processing temperature of 160 to 180 degrees, the energy consumption during production is also considerably lower than for mineral wool products.

EASYpol HD is the result from a post-processing on polyester wool. Compression of the fibres creates a panel with its own mechanical stiffness. The material is fire-resistant according to DIN4102 B1.

EASYpol HD comes in 25 and 40 mm thick panels, giving the product an excellent sound absorption coefficient in a wide frequency spectrum. The collection EASYpol HD is available in different colours. The surface of the panels has a slightly mixed appearance.

The applications
These characteristics make EASYpol HD one of the few materials suitable for various acoustic wall and ceiling applications. In addition, freestanding elements such as room dividers, basstraps or desk screens can be created. The material can be easily fitted with the necessary suspension systems or other technical additions.

Designed acoustics
EASYpol HD is constructed entirely from the same fibres. This means that any shape, size or pattern is cut from the base plate without creating unsightly vision edges or difficult, time-consuming finishing operations.

Furthermore, EASYpol HD can be combined with other acoustic and technical solutions to further enhance acoustic effectiveness or improve aesthetic aspects.

Together with clients and designers, EASY Noise Control is discovering more and more applications and possibilities based on EASYpol HD. This makes the EASYpol HD collection an interesting range of acoustic solutions for the future.

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