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EASYpol polyester wool


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EASYpol polyester wool has great sound absorbing characteristics and good fire properties. The combination of its acoustic ability and several other beneficial properties make EASYpol therefore a great alternative for all standard acoustic materials on the market such as polyurethane foam, glasswool and rockwool.

The product is eco-friendly, durable and can easily be recycled. EASYpol consists of thermally bonded polyester fibers. These fibers are very strong and therefore highly resistant to aging. As a result, EASYpol looks the same in ten years as it does now. EASYpol is easy to process and does not itch.

Typical applications for EASYpol:
– As acoustic material for processing in wall panels
– As sound absorption for rear perforated ceiling systems
– As sound absorption behind acoustic stretch ceilings

EASYpol polyester wool is available in a dimension of 1200 x 1000 mm or 1000 x 600 mm. The product is available in different thicknesses and densities. Possible colours are white and black.

This product achieves a B-s1, d0 on the European standard EN 13501-1 reaction to fire.

Acoustic performance:
– Density 20 kg/m3, thickness 25 cm: αw 0,45; NRC 0,45
– Density 20 kg/m3, thickness 40 cm: αw 0,65; NRC 0,65
– Density 20 kg/m3, thickness 100 cm: αw 0,95; NRC 0,90
– Density 40 kg/m3, thickness 20 cm: αw 0,50; NRC 0,50
– Density 40 kg/m3, thickness 40 cm: αw 0,80; NRC 0,85

EASYpol polyester wool is also available in very high densities. As a result the sheets are very stiff and ensure high sound absorption. This makes EASYpol ideal as a core product for a wide range of acoustic solutions. This product is also available as a semi-finished product with, for example, a laminated fabric as a top layer.

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