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EFFIX ARCA is an ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced mortar featuring high compressive and flexural strengths. EFFIX ARCA was developed specifically for the production of cladding panels and façades.

EFFIX ARCA is distinctive for its mechanical strength and durability, even where the panel thickness is minimal. It is a cement-based material that guarantees long-term resistance against weathering (rain, wind, freezing and thawing, sunlight). It also offers high mechanical impact resistance, good thermal insulation and fire resistance. The high fluidity and optimised composition of EFFIX ARCA allow mould shapes to be reproduced perfectly and a surface finish of the highest quality.

EFFIX ARCA produces a perfect finish: it can be smoothed, polished and waxed to achieve an exceptionally good-looking surface finish. Starting from the white colour of the base material, it is also possible to obtain a large range of colours by adding mineral-based pigments. Using EFFIX ARCA it is possible to produce low-thickness panels delivering high-strength performance and a very high surface quality.

EFFIX ARCA is also available with patented TXActive technology. This combination gives EFFIX ARCA products added performance in terms of self-cleaning, de-polluting, bacteriostatic and odour-eliminating properties.

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