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EFFIX CREA is an ultra high-performance mortar designed to manufacture non-structural elements with high aesthetic values for interior design, indoor and urban furniture, artworks and jewellery. This mortar has a high mechanical performance that combines the durability typical of a material containing cement and the workability of a plastic.

With EFFIX CREA, subtle and decorative elements can be created in detail. The high-yield surface of the pieces, smoothed, polished or waxed, makes it ideal for using in high-end design.

Because EFFIX CREA is suitable for moulds and even very complex formwork, it is particularly suitable for producing architectural elements of varying types: small, thin, smooth or with made using processes.

Although highly technological, this product is easy to use: it is sold as a dry, ready-to-use premix and requires only the addition of water. Starting from the white base, a wide range of colours can be created with the addition of mineral-based pigments.

EFFIX CREA is also available with patented TXActive technology. This combination gives EFFIX CREA products added performance in terms of self-cleaning, de-polluting, bacteriostatic and odour-eliminating properties.

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