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Ekoa® is a high-performance, clean-air plant-based composite that can replace wood, plastics, and laminates in all interior applications – from dashboards to floors, to furniture, and so on – with a cost-competitive, carbon-negative, clean product that delivers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.

Ekoa® is crafted of natural fibres and plant resins for strong, elegant surfaces with the best air quality and lowest carbon footprint. Ekoa® has a Clean Air Gold certification and can deliver LEED credits [helps companies achieve their green commitments (A/D LEED credits or Clean Air certifications)].

Ekoa® replaces carbon-intensive materials including metal, concrete, wood and plastics in the following:

  • Natural fiber grain furniture, fixtures, furnishings
  • Healthy interiors: walls, floors, ceilings surfaces
  • Strong yet lightweight: boards, beams, panels
  • Sculptural transportation interior parts and panels
  • Resilient Infrastructure

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