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Sound Out Armstrong’s New Seamless Acoustical System

Noise is something that we all live with, however, intrusive noise carries long-term health risks, especially for residents in city centres. The World Health Organisation now warns that noise pollution can cause much more than hearing loss and can attribute to medical conditions like obesity and diabetes. It can also cause cardiovascular and cognitive problems, stress, hypertension and depression.

Featuring a 100% seamless appearance, ELEGANZA® has been specifically developed to provide a significantly better acoustical environment in buildings. Achieving a Class A acoustic performance, the system provides the highest sound absorption in accordance with international standard EN ISO 11654, while its classic, clean aesthetic reflects light to create brighter, open spaces.

“To prevent this cacophony from bringing down the quality of life, it’s clear that our buildings need to help soak up this noise better. In this respect, ELEGANZA® is truly designed for the senses, reducing the noise from external sources while absorbing sound internally too.”

The acoustical classification of ELEGANZA® and its BIM-readiness allows architects and designers to meet guidelines laid out in BREEAM, HQE and LEED. The new ceiling solution is also sustainable as it is installed on Armstrong’s C2C Drywall Grid system, with components fully recyclable and reusable.

Quick, flexible and cost effective to fit, ELEGANZA® means compromise is not an issue. Sight and sound work together in harmony, restoring happiness, effectiveness and wellbeing in offices, hotels, restaurants and homes.

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