Engineered cushioning


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These seamless textiles are engineered on a stitch-by-stitch level. Via tension, knit construction and yarn allocation it is possible to engineer specific functions on a detailed level. Studio Eva x Carola can also adjust the strength or level of each function at specific locations.

This swatch offers different levels of loft, and this enables us to create solutions for products that benefit from padding, insulation and cushioning. For example:

  • Comfort in footwear where you can allocate high level of padding at the heel for stability and low level of padding at the mid foot and toe where you require more movement
  • Comfort in gloves where you can allocate high level of padding at the palm of the hand and lower level of padding at the fingers.
  • Engineered thermal insulation for example for jackets where you may want high level of loft on the body and a lower level of loft at the areas of movement like the armpits and elbow.
  • Engineer padding in a garment at specific zones like hips, knees, elbows, shoulder or any other area’s you may fall on to offer protection on impact.

The pattern that is used shows that linking graphics with engineering lofts is a great way to combine aesthetic design with function. The result is a new dimension in both texture and colour and a flattering shape when worn.

The yarns used are made of Supima cotton and TENCEL, which offer softness, easy care, moisture management and thermal regulation.

The knitting technology applied is the industrial seamless knitting machinery from Santoni Shanghai.

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