Engineered Hybridity


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A new kind of hybrid material that is not only waterproof but is also breathable, combining areas that are stretchy with areas that are more rigid.

Usually knitted materials are stretchy and suitable for draping over the body. With this textile, Eva x Carola did something different: they made the material rigid and non-stretch, giving them the option of engineering both non-stretch and stretch areas.

By combining the right yarns, structures and machine set up they created a dense, woven-like, water repellent material. While retaining breathability, the material provides cover for light rainfall when outside or drink spills during a conference call.

This yarn has been engineered from the core, resulting in a longer lasting water repellent effect when compared to the usual method of creating water repellency by adding coatings in post processing. The approach leads to a higher value product, built from the yarn up, that results in a true design element.

By utilizing the engineering capabilities of the seamless technology, Eva x Carola can further extend the idea and areas that are partly rigid and water repellent (as per swatch), moving to more flexible and stretchy areas.

Due to the smart interplay with micro structure, the inside and outside show a slight 3D effect. This gives a beautiful embossed appearance whilst, at the same time, helping to further improve breathability.

For visual amazement, a more sustainable approach and a lighter weight result, Eva x Carola has been working with yarn-dyed materials and a smart utilization of the machine’s plaiting function. The micro structures used also allow for easy personalization and a single-piece bulk production process.

This approach leads to a versatile mid-to-outer layer material.

Other areas with possibilities are:  indoor and outdoor furniture / home textiles, lightweight easy-to-carry shopping bags and footwear.

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