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Enkagrid Max is a rigid, biaxial geogrid of extruded polypropylene or polyester bars of equal tensile strength both in longitudinal and transverse direction, used for the stabilization of soil structures on low bearing capacity soils.
This material is designed to absorb the dynamic loads from construction traffic in roads and parking areas and the subsequent performance upon completion.
Enkagrid is made of polypropylene bars can be installed in lime-stabilized and cement-strengthened soils without affecting its long-term performance. The material has a high-precision laser-welded structure of chemically inert extruded polymer bars makes it compliant with the design rules for using geotextiles and geogrids in road building earthworks issued by various authorities.
Supplied in 5 m wide rolls, this geogrid is easy to handle, quick to install and provides cost-effective solutions for both temporary and permanent construction projects.
Enkagrid Max comes in a range of product types of varying tensile strengths

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