European Douglas cladding system


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European Douglas (Pseudotsuga menziesii) cladding systems from Leegwater offer a sustainable solution for the facade in almost every situation imaginable.

Douglas timber can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions, and many models are possible, both in closed and open façade applications.

The natural durability class of Douglas timber is class III, moderately durable (heartwood) and class V, not durable (sapwood). To increase the durability of the wood Leegwater can treat the wood with a modern metal-free preservative. This wood preservative is brought into the wood by means of a vacuum and pressure process, which gives the wood a durability that corresponds to many hardwood species and western red cedar.

In order to meet the strictest European regulations regarding fire safety, in some situations a wooden façade cladding needs to be treated with a fire retardant. Leegwater has fire retardants available with which the wood can be treated to fire class B in accordance with European standard NEN-EN 13501-1. According to the Dutch building regulations (Bouwbesluit) a facade must comply with the required fire class in its intended end-use application. This means that the wooden cladding, including the wooden batterns, foils, insulation materials, and coatings must comply with the fire class. Leegwater has tested Douglas fir in a number of common end-use situations so that the timber can be used in a wide range of applications.

The wood can be finished with specially developed and selected coating systems. Leegwater offers a wide range of colours to embellish and protect the wood. Both semi-transparent and opaque colours can be chosen. The colour laboratory, where every conceivable colour can be created, is unique.

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